Son of Sam

David Berkowitz – Son of Sam (Killings between 1976 and 1977)

Better known with the name of Son of Sam or the. 44 killer, David Berkowitz is a New york serial killer which killed six persons and wounded many more. His crimes became famous due to his letters towards the media and the authorities, in addition to the reason he killed those people.

Reason for the murders

Berkowitz gave an odd cause of killing – he claimed that to maintain the demons silent, he started carrying out what they desired. When dogs howled, he started believing these dogs were devils asking him to kill women. He was confident that his householders, Jack and his wife, were part of a demon conspiracy and also that Jack was the actual commander in chief of all of the dogs.

Later he moved into another residence but was still controlled by demons in his head. His new next door neighbor, Sam Carr, had a dark-colored Labrador which Berkowitz considered was possessed. He shot the pet. That did definitely not provide any comfort as he started believing that {Sam Carr was possessed by the demon boss, and perhaps Satan him self. Each night these kinds of demons told Berkowitz to kill and quench the demons thirst for human blood.

He also got to write letters towards the authorities and press, essentially taunting them with information on his killings.


David Berkowitz, born 1953, was an adopted son of a middle class family from Bronx. Although his mother and father loved him, Berkowitz carried lots of anger and shame inside him because he felt accountable for the death of his natural mother, who he was told died during pregnancy. Experts believe that could be the explanation of his aggressive actions.

He was devastated as soon as his mother perished by cancer and also his father remarried and then relocated to Florida, leaving him when he was around 18.

Later he discovered that his natural mother was alive and he had a sister that he didn`t know about. There was some sort of reunion, but it was far too late for him at that time as he chosen his isolation along with delusions.

Killings and Sentence

Berkowitz received a 365 years jail sentence and informed the FBI he invented the “Son of Sam” stories in order to convince the court he was out of his mind. He then said the true reason he murdered was partly due to the fact that he hated his mother for leaving him behind and partially due to his failure with women. He felt sexually turned on when he murdered women, and he killed six..

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