Richard Angelo

Richard Angelo (Killings between April 1987 and October 1987)



Angelo was a killer having a different mindset from others. He made the whole nation scared of hospitals. The desire to become a hero in others’ eyes made him some sort of monster. He was twenty six when he went to work at the good Samaritan Hospital in Long Island, New york. He was the former Eagle Scout and always tried to accomplish good things as well as help others.

His inability to get the level of encouragement he always wanted made him a dangerous serial killer of the totally different type.

Modus Operandi

He took advantage of the graveyard shift in the hospital to meet his desires. He would inject Pavulon and Anectine in patients and bring them to a near-death states. He would say to them that he was providing them with drugs that would get them to feel better. After injecting these types of drugs, the patients started feeling numb and also their breathing grew to become constricted. They also lost their capability to communicate with doctors and nurses. Then he would likely show his heroism by assisting to save his patients, impressing everyone inside the hospital.

Death came upon numerous patients as he was not able to intervene and help save them from his deadly injections.


Angelo was a former boy scout and always wanted to become a hero. He was believed to crave for consideration from his parents and everybody else around him.

Killings and Sentence

He is believed to have killed twenty five people and had been caught when one of the victims was able to use the call up button for help after being injected. One of the actual nurses then took his urine sample and so the test proved positive for that drugs, Anectine and Pavulon, which had certainly not been prescribed by doctors. All the bodies of suspected sufferers were tested and also found positive for drugs.

Angelo confessed and also said, “I had absolutely no confidence in me personally. I felt really inadequate. ”

He was charged for second-degree homicide on multiple counts and sentenced to 61 years to life imprisonment. He is currently inside the Clinton Correctional Facility in Ny.

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