Herman Webster Mudgett

Herman Webster Mudgett – Doctor. Holmes (Killings between 1893 and 1895)


Mudgett’s criminal career started as being a medical student that stole corpses from the University of Michigan. He used those corpses to gather insurance money with policies taken within fictitious names. He then started out a drug shop empire and constructed a big hundred-room mansion having trap doors, fake walls, lime pits, acid vats, and secret entrances.

Modus Operandi

He would book rooms to visitors and try and gather the insurance once they were killed there. He also used to lure women to his “torture fortress, ” promising marital life. He would subsequently throw them down the elevator canal and gas ‘em to death. But before he did that he would force them to sign all their own life savings to him.


Herman was given birth to in New Hampshire and his father had been very strict, often bullying his son. He had a well-known fear o the local doctor’s office and for this reason other students within his school had often force him to touch human skeletons. What was meant as a scare ended up being a fascination, which led to him stealing corpses whilst in medical school.

He started using the name “H. H. Holmes” after relocating to Chicago and also got engaged in lots of shady activities. He is furthermore a bigamist, married a second time and also a third time whilst still married with his first wife. He was considered a charmer and also a ladies’ man.


His huge fortress with secret pathways had a drugstore along with other shops on the floor and the upper areas were utilized as his workplace. There were more than 100 rooms devoid of windows, and there were doorways that opened up into brick surfaces. There were additionall stairways to no place, doors that couldn’t be opened on the inside and a few more such oddities. This was to get his killing den.

It was here that his killing spree sprouted over the period of about three horrible years. Female victims were being mostly his employees that were required to take a life insurance coverage where Holmes might pay the rates. Soundproof rooms aving gas lines built in were used in order to kill people. These victims had been asphyxiated and the screams went unnoticed while they suffocated. There was a chute that took the bodies in the basement, where some bodies were dissected, flesh removed and changed into skeletal models. He sold these skeletons along with other organs to health-related schools. He also carried out illegal abortions inside the castle and a lot of his patients passed away.


Eventually police grew suspicious concerning the activities in the castle and once he knew he was getting captured, he burnt his castle and disappeared. Remains of over two hundred people were found in the actual charred debris. He was later on caught and hanged.

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