Charles Manson

Charles Manson (Killings throughout 1969)

Charles Manson serial killers list

Charles Manson serial killers list

Called the “most dangerous man” as well as the “devil, ” Charles Manson has been the terror of the 60s.


He was given birth to in 1934 to a 16-year-old mother that was a troublemaker. She left him at his aunt or grandmother quite often. She was busted on armed robbery charges and shipped to a penitentiary, leaving Manson with his aunt and uncle. Even after she was set free, his mother didn’t want to look after him. She was even happy to trade him for any drink. His father was never in the boys life from his birth.

Manson became a troublemaker himself, and he was shipped to a reform school at age nine. By the time he was twenty six, he was accused of rape, drug charges, stealing, pimping, and more.

He used religion to manipulate people into pursuing him. At the age of 34, he formed the actual “Charles Manson Family” by attracting several followers – mostly women with troubled pasts. He used amphetamines to modify their personalities so they started calling him “Jesus Christ” and also did everything he wanted, including physical favors.

He loved music and believed the “Beatles’” were prophets sent to earth to warn of the upcoming revolution. Manson focused on an Armageddon, where the blacks could rise to power and kill all whites and the Manson family will be the only white family living. He believed the blacks wouldn’t manage to stay in power due to an inferiority complex and that the Manson family would then rule the entire world.

When this didn’t happen, he started getting people killed by his “family” members.

Killings and Sentence

His first killing was that of Sharon Tate, wife of manager Roman Polanski. The next ended up being the LaBianca household. He was sentenced to death but later reduced to life imprisonment, when California Supreme Court eliminated penalties of death temporarily. He is presently an inmate in Corcoran State Penitentiary.

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