Andrew Cunanan

Andrew Cunanan (Killings between April 1997 and July 1997)


Andrew Phillip Cunanan, a soft-spoken mind who had the flair for languages and discussing planet affairs, was a good looking, lavish and boastful young man who associated himself only with the social elite. He earned numerous dubious distinctions. One was for killing the famous designer, Gianni Versace, and the other is being listed by the FBI on the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. He was the very first person from San diego to get on the “prestigious” listing.

Modus Operandi

There was absolutely no modus operandi found for Cunanan. At start he killed his former lovers that he felt were having an affair behind his back. The others which were killed may likewise have had connections with him, but nobody knows for certain. They were killed differently and with different weapons.


Cunanan was given birth to in National City, California and seemed to be a homosexual since senior high school. He was known for his unpredictable ways. He graduated within 1987. He was also rumored as a lover to old and wealthy homosexual men. His mother named him a “high-class gay prostitute. ” However his father denied his homosexuality, calling him “an altar boy” that has a good Catholic upbringing.

It is claimed that in gay circles, once an individual crosses mid-20s he’s considered old. When Andrew turned 28, he was abandoned by his rich lovers. He was left to pay off credit cards that exceeded limits, and this left him broke. He stopped caring for his usually really trendy appearance and gained a great deal of weight.

At this stage another emotion reared its ugly head – envy. He spotted a couple of of his younger lovers seeing one another behind his back. Another thing which bothered him was the belief that both of these individuals had reached excellent heights professionally whilst he remained stagnant.

The jealousy grew to such an extent that he eventually traveled to visit them, killing both of them just days aside from each other, beginning his life as being a serial killer.

Killings and Sentence

One of his victims was Gianni Versace, the Italian designer. The FBI located Andrew, as he left his name signed on the pavement in front of Gianni’s house. The FBI felt it was his way of looking to get attention, saying “Look at me. I’m the one who did this. ”

He led authorities on a massive manhunt for his killings. He killed himself eight days right after killing Gianni Versace. He shot himself to prevent his capture.

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