Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo, Born 1936


Andrei Chikatilo was a Ukrainian serial killer, nicknamed the Butcher of Rostov or ‘The Red Ripper. ’ He was convicted of the murder of 53 women of all ages and children between 1978 and 1990. In 1978, Chikatilo moved to Shakhty, a small coal mining town close to Rostov, where he committed his first recorded murder. On December 22, he lured the nine-year-old girl to an old house that he bought in secret from his family and tried to rape her. When the young lady struggled, he stabbed her to death. He ejaculated at the same time of knifing the kid, after that he was only capable to achieve sexual arousal as well as orgasm through stabbing and slashing women or children to death. Despite evidence linking Chikatilo to the girl’s death, a young guy, Alexsandr Kravchenko, was arrested and later tried and executed for that crime.

He established the pattern of getting close to runaways and youthful vagrants at bus or railway stations and enticing them to leave. A quick trip right into a nearby forest was the scene for the victim’s death. In 1983, he didn’t kill until June, but then he murdered four persons before September. The victims had been all women and children. The adult women were often prostitutes or even homeless tramps who could be lured with promises of alcohol or even money. Chikatilo would normally attempt intercourse with these victims, but would usually struggle to get an erection, which would send him right into a murderous fury. The child sufferers were of both sexes, and Chikatilo would likely lure them away with his friendly, talkative manner by simply promising them toys and games or candy. In the USSR at that time, reports of crimes like child rape as well as serial murder were often suppressed through the state-controlled media, as such crimes were viewed as being common only in “hedonistic capitalist countries. ”

In 1988 Chikatilo started again killing, generally keeping his activities far from the Rostov region. He murdered a girl in Krasny-Sulin within April and continued to kill another eight people that same year, including two victims in Shakhty. Again there was a lengthy lapse before Chikatilo started again killing, murdering seven children and two ladies between January and November of 1990. He was eventually caught when attempting to approach young kids whilst under police force surveillance. He went to trial on April 14, 1992. Despite his unusual and disruptive conduct in court, he was judged fit to stand trial. During the trial he was famously kept inside a cage in the center of the courtroom; it was constructed for his own protection from the relatives of the deceased. The trial had an extremely disturbing atmosphere. The relatives kept shouting threats as well as insults to Chikatilo, demanding the authorities to release him so they could execute him by themselves. He was found guilty of 52 of the 53 murders and sentenced to death for every offense.

He was implemented by firing squad (shot in the rear of the head) on February 14, 1994 after Russian president Boris Yeltsin refused a final ditch appeal simply by Chikatilo for clemency.

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