Albert Fish

Albert Fish (Killings between 1919 and 1930)


Albert Fish might have been America’s most disgusting pedophile, serial killer, and cannibal. He is recognized by many names – The Boogeyman, Brooklyn Vampire, Gray Man, and the Werewolf of Wysteria. He was the gentle-looking and sympathetic grandfather, a total contrast on the monster within him. His wife considered him a great husband and their children believed he was a perfect father. Some of his crimes seem incredible.


Hamy Fish (his birth name) came to be in Washington D. C. as the young of four kids. Several of his loved ones had mental health conditions. After his father’s passing away, he was placed in an orphanage by his mother, where he was whipped frequently. That’s believed to be when he started to realize that he enjoyed physical agony and felt aroused while in pain. Then he joined into homosexual relationships at age of 12 and had been introduced to various other perverse practices of drinking urine as well as coprophagia. His weekends had been spent visiting public baths to look at boys undress. This led to male prostitution, which continued despite his marriage and also the births of his six children.

Turning into the Psycho-Masochist

He also developed an unique interest in castration and also visited brothels in which he got himself whipped and hit. He pushed sharp needles into his entire body, including his genitalia. X-rays later revealed an overall of 27 sharp needles inside him.

It was at age of 55 when he started experiencing hallucinations. He believed The almighty ordered him to castrate young males. This was diagnosed as religious psychosis and it is what led towards the several mutilations as well as murders he was guilty for.

Killings and Sentence

Although he had been a suspect for five killings, he stated he “had” around 100 children in all of the states. Nobody knew whether or not he was referring to cannibalization or molestation. He was executed on an electric chair.

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