Serial Killers List

Why would we post a serial killers list ? Because one of our users asked us to.It is said that in all of us lies a killer but so does and angel. This is an informative article, intended only for educational purposes and is should be treated like such.

Serial killers – you’d be hard-pressed to identify them in any crowd. They look the same as everyone else. In fact, most of these monsters are soft-spoken and also polite. Their monstrous character comes through only if you delve deeper within their personalities, actions and behavior.

Reading the ugly tales of serial killers transmits a chill up the spine. Most of them appear to have had some sort of dysfunctional family environment and were abused as children – psychologically, sexually or verbally. It’s as if this activates some sort of psychological trigger inside their minds, increasing the emotions of inadequacy as well as worthlessness, and causing them to search out their own heinous type of release.

There have been numerous serial killers from the history of The united states, and there certainly are a few that tend to stay in the minds of people, becoming “famous. ” If you would like to learn more about understanding the mind of a serial killer you should consider obtaining a degree in forensic psychology which will allow you take an active role in bringing these and other criminals to justice.  For more information, click here.

On this website you can find just some the (in)famous serial killers that have walked the streets the united states, in no distinct order. There may be many more that are well known or have murdered more people, but we picked some of the more famous killers that truly shocked all of us and got a place on the serial killers list.

So let’s not beat around the bush and see the killers, shall we ?

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